Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New pretty web layouts, or: thank you Google Web Fonts

Over the past few days I rewrote the UI both for this blog and for the aforementioned anagram solver. I didn’t like any of the available Tumblr themes, so I wrote my own in a much more minimalist style.

I did the same thing with my anagram solver, but a lot simpler - just black and white.

What really saved the day was Google Web Fonts. It’s a really neat concept: basically, you load your font from Google and then you can use whatever font you like without needing to worry that your users have it installed. They have a large selection of clean, modern fonts and it was the work of probably 30 seconds to get a font set up and loaded and it vastly improved the quality of both my anagram solver and my blog.

1 comment:

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