Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Project progress

I got the go-ahead to talk about my project (in vague terms) so I thought it’d be interesting to talk a bit about what I’ve been working on as well as what the state of it was.

First, the project itself. I’ve been working on making Google Groups more dynamic - suggesting relevant, interesting, and popular topics and groups to users. That’s about as much depth as I can give, but it’s extremely interesting.

My two main deadlines are this Friday and September 9th. I’ve basically finished everything that I needed for this Friday, which was most of the stuff on suggesting relevant topics to users. I’m hoping I’m on track to be done well before the September 9th deadline as well, which is everything else.

I’m learning a lot about subjects I hadn’t expected to learn anything about. I’m learning about front-end design, back-end design principles, and best practices for enterprise applications. It’s great to be exposed to ideas I’ve never had to think about before, and also great to be able to take a lot of these concepts and apply them to my own projects (e.g. when I was doing my rewrite of my anagram solver I converted it to a Model-View-Presenter [MVP] style).

So far, this has been an extremely rewarding summer and I’ve loved every minute of it. I hope that the last half will be just as good.

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