Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sorry I’ve been lax in posting… I’ve been extremely busy. When I enjoy my work, I work a lot and I’ve really been enjoying my work, and I’ve really been working a lot. Last Friday I presented my proposal for my summer project, and after a meeting that went way longer than it was scheduled for, I synthesized all the feedback I’d received with my original proposal. This week I’ve started the work on that. I’ve got some tough deadlines to meet, but some really exciting work ahead of me this summer.

Despite all the work, I’ve still been making time to have fun. These photos are from two weeks ago where I went white water rafting over the weekend with some of the other Google interns and some interns from NCAR. Last weekend, I went to Breckenridge as a Google-sponsored event, so I got to meet more of the interns that I haven’t met before.

Meanwhile, I’ve signed up for some fun events at the Google office - a Design Patterns book club and an Advanced Java lecture series. The book club meets during lunch every Wednesday and the lecture is every Tuesday afternoon. We had our first book club meeting today, and, while the material we covered so far was more or less intuitive (I already knew it, though I didn’t know it was any sort of defined/formal “pattern”), I learned a lot from the discussions. That’s the great thing about Google, so far - there are all these brilliant engineers who have been writing code longer than I’ve been alive, and I get to work with them every day.

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